Arniko Awasiya secondary school runs a ‘+2 programme’ in Biratnagar-10, which is managed by a group of highly experienced team of educational professionals. It is committed to serving students of diverse backgrounds who really seek a quality science education in Nepal

Aims and Objective.

It aims to nurture the innate potential of today’s youth to mould them into responsible bonafide citizens. Millions of rupees are drained out from Nepal in search of quality education every year in India and overseas. The running of this collage is inspired by nationalistic feeling. We are committed to provide full satisfaction in the minimum cost capable of coping with the challenges of the complex modern world. We aim to make a difference By
• Adequate guidance for intellectual and academic growth
• Providing a team of teachers from sun rise to sun set for consultation
• Arranging substitute classes in case of any disturbance
• Creating science environment inside the college premises
• Being in close contact with the guardians by ‘home visit program’
• Providing a secure yet challenging learning and social environment

Why choose Us.

• Peaceful academic environment
• Regular classes by highly qualified and experienced teaching professionals
• Regular evaluation system
• Classroom assisted by modern tools and techniques
• Individual attention to the students
• Extra-curricular and co-curricular activities
• Effective career counseling
• Hygienic cafeteria with purified cool drinking water
• Guidelines on MBBS, BE entrance preparation and TOEFL classes
• Scholarship based on the merit and financial need
• Hostel & Transport facilities

Academic Programs.

Presently, it runs a ‘+2 programme’ under NEB, Nepal. The classes run in morning and day shift. All classes run 6 days a week from Sunday to Friday. Sometimes students may be called on holiday for the classes or counselling. ‘Arniko +2’ will strictly follow the academic calendar of NEB and HISSAN. Moreover, it has its own calendar for the effective as well as smooth functioning of the classes and extra-curricular activities. The schedule of class test, terminal test, qualifying test, objective test, surprise test pre-board exam and other activities are run in accordance with our own rules.

Adimission Eligibility & Procedure .

Students who have passed SEE or equivalent certificate recognized by the government of Nepal, having at least C+ (Sceince & Math), C (English) & D+ (Social Studies & Nepali) may apply for admission. Admission committee of ‘Arniko +2’ conducts Entrance Proficiency Test (EPT) . On passing the EPT, students should come along their guardians for the admission. The admitted students must attend the orientation class organized by ‘Arniko +2’. The time table of the admission procedure will be widely advertised