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Scholarship scheme is as follows

On the basis of see on the basis of entrance proficiency
GPA: 4 ->Full Scholarship 1st -> Full Scholarship
3.9 & 3.95 -> 100% in Admission 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th -> 100 % in Tuition fee
3.8 & 3.85 ->75% in Admission 6th to 10th -> 90% in Tuition Fee
3.65 – 3.75->60 % in Admission Above 80 marks in EPT -> 75% in Tuition Fee
3.40 – 3.6 -> 40 % in Admission Above 75 marks in EPT -> 50% in Tuition Fee
3.25 -3.35 -> 20 % in Admission Above 70 marks in EPT -> 25% in Tuition Fee
Above 60 marks in EPT -> 10% in Tuition Fee

Fee structure Hotel Mangaement

Fee structure Hotel Management class-XI Hotel management class-XII
At the time of Admission 22000
First Installment 12000
Second Installment 12000
Third Installment 12000
Fourth Installment 12000
Total 70000